Rabbits and relativity

I don’t really remember much of my high school physics, but rewatching GochiUsa brought it all flooding back:

The context here is that Cocoa (above) is trying to impress some of the other girls by showing off her knowledge of relativity. It doesn’t work, Cocoa! I should know, I’ve tried. Chiya also gets in on the action:

Classy choice, Chiya. I vaguely remember that the general case has to do with acceleration. The special one was hard enough to understand so I just took the general one on faith.

Sometime later, the conversation moves onto more recent theoretical developments:

This always brings to mind a bunch of theoretical physicists sitting around in an office and flicking rubber bands at each other. Which in turn reminds me of my lab days practicing the glove shot. For the uninitiated:

  1. Grab some stretch latex gloves. Put them on both hands.
  2. Do some work with them until you are ready to throw them out.
  3. Take off one glove with the other hand and grip it like a ball.
  4. Take off the remaining glove while maintaining your grip on the first glove. Pinch the hem of the second glove with your ungloved thumb and index finger.
  5. Stretch the hem of the glove away from your mostly ungloved hand. You should now have the pose of firing a slingshot.
  6. Release your grip on the ball to fire the balled-up-gloves to a target. This is usually fired at an appropriate bin.

Extra points if you rebound it in off the lid of the bin and use the impact to close the lid at the same time.

Written on November 24, 2019