Annoying YouTube ads

People who know me will know that I greatly enjoy my “slice of life” (SOL) anime. No plot, no drama, nothing - I don’t have to think or process complex emotions, which allows me to properly unwind at the end of a long day. I have a couple of favorites that I enjoy rewatching, but I’ve gotten through quite a few of MAL’s top SOL hits, and sometimes I go for some of the less appreciated ones for some variety.

This week I have been ticking through Sketchbook: Full Color’s, which is a SOL about a bunch of kids (mostly girls, it’s that type of genre) in a high school art club. All the characters have their own quirks - for example, the main protagonist, Sora, is shy but has a unique perspective on the world around her. The plot of each episode mostly revolves around Sora making friends and discovering new things to draw. Nice, light-hearted stuff.

As it turns out, the series is available on Youtube for free. I had to put up with some ad breaks - quite annoying when you switch from relaxing SOL to some commercial for a new thriller on Netflix or whatever - but, okay, that’s the cost of business. What I found less forgivable was the following:

No, Bio-Rad, I don’t want to learn more about scATAC-seq right now. Oh, and by the way, thanks for covering up the subtitles, that really helps. Sheesh.

Written on October 6, 2019