Low-level machine code - the anime

When I saw this in my feed, my first impression was, “Oh, that can’t be literal… right?”


From the synopsis:

Compiler and Assembler have been given 3 days to return the the 2-D world. If they do not return the council has sworn to destroy it. How will the they spend their last days on earth. Will they be able to confess their love. If only things were that simple. Now a mysterious character is eliminating other individuals from the 2-D world. Can Compiler and Assembler stop this new fiend and be together with those they love.

Well, it’s true that anyone working with C/C++ code will, over time, develop a tempestuous roller-coaster relationship with their compiler, so the show isn’t too far off the mark.

Naturally, I couldn’t help but watch a bit of it. Here we see the assembler (the ingenue-type character with the long light green hair) talking to the interpreter (the sophisticated older lady with the short dark green hair). I guess that sort of makes sense; assemblers are relatively simple compared to the interpreters.

The compiler is the femme fatale with the long brown hair. Again, this makes sense.


Anyway, watching this show led to the most unproductive train of thought that I’ve had in years: namely, would I rather date GCC or Clang? I spent a solid twenty minutes thinking about this, and I concluded that, while I might play around with Clang at work, I always come home to GCC.

Written on October 24, 2019